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Due to the specialized nature of Daxia's Plasma Donation Program, we can provide a greater level of compensation compared to a typical plasma center.



Following each successful plasma donation, you will receive compensation for your contribution. Prior to your donation, you will agree with Daxia's on the compensation amount, which can be up to $500 per donation depending on your eligibility. The compensation amount is determined based on various factors.

  • Type of illness you have been diagnosed with

  • How high your actual antibody levels are

  • How close you are to one of our licensed plasma donation centers

  • And, whether or not we have to pay for travel, hotel, and car service expenses

If you get to the center and for some reason you are unable to donate your plasma, you will be given a small compensation amount to cover the inconvenience of going to the center.

Reasons why you may not be able to donate your plasma once you get to the center:

  • You do not weigh at least 110 pounds

  • Your iron and protein levels are too low

  • Your blood pressure is too high

  • You fail the high risk donor questionnaire given at the center

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a Daxia trials representative please give us a call: or email us.



Daxia’s Plasma Donation Program is nationwide. We contract with FDA licensed plasma centers across the country so you will be able to donate at the center nearest to you.

In addition, if travel is required, we will pre-pay all the travel arrangements (including airfare and hotels) and you will still receive compensation for each and every time you donate.

​We appreciate your time and consideration.


By taking part in our Plasma Donation Program, you play a vital role in ensuring the availability of laboratory test kits for infectious disease, auto-immune disease, and polyclonal antibody testing. Your plasma donation contributes to the timely and accurate testing of future patients.

If Daxia struggles to recruit individuals for antibody donation, certain test kits may become unavailable. Therefore, your participation in our Plasma Donation Program helps to maintain the availability of test kits.

Many of our long-term donors have successfully paid off costly medical bills and enhanced their quality of life.

Join us in supporting healthcare and aiding patients through our Plasma Donation Program.

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